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Global real time payments are finally pulling into the station – 40 years late

Real time payments ‘innovation’ is in fact simply capitalising on advances that first appeared four decades ago, according to panellists at the Swift Business Forum this week. Since then, progress has been glacial in many places. So why has it taken so long to get real time payments?

Swift Business Forum panel slams EU trade reporting rules

New trade reporting requirements that would require banks and other capital markets participants to demonstrate best execution through data will impose massive costs and will not provide an equal level of benefit, according to senior executives speaking at the Swift Business Forum in London this week.

Cerutti steps down at Euronext

Euronext has announced that its chief executive Dominique Cerutti will step down in July to become chairman and chief executive at advanced engineering group Altran.

Europe’s CSDs are facing a regulatory squeeze warns Nasdaq

European banks and CSDs will be forced to change their business models under relentless pressure from Basel III, CSDR and T2S. That may involve consolidating services, as well as considering opportunities for collaboration, according to Henri Bergström, head of global post trade solutions at Nasdaq.

Fed will report on faster payments at end of 2016

The US Federal Reserve hopes to have a report on how to create a faster payments infrastructure by the end of next year and has begun processing the 325-plus applications it has had from would-be participants in its task force for faster payments.

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The digital wealth opportunity
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With the recent pension reforms opening up a plethora of investment options, financial services providers need to capitalise on the opportunity to create a value-led digital customer proposition

The war for technology talent: banks and Fintechs go head-to-head
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Banks and Fintech companies are locked in a war for the best technologists – and there is only so much IT and technology talent to go around …

For The Record
OMG addresses data sovereignty issues in the cloud

The Object Management Group has formed a new working group to study issues of documenting and controlling data across distributed cloud environments, a big inhibitor of cloud for those with strict data sovereignty requirements such as banks and financial services firms.

CounterpartyLink adds hierarchy profiles to legal identity service

CounterpartyLink, a provider of legal entity intelligence for buy- and sell-side institutions and law enforcement agencies, has announced CPL Hierarchy Profile, a new product designed to provide a single view of the client across complex client groups.

Study shows 60% of banks’ digital assets on wrong side of firewalls

Security specialist RiskIQ says the growth in digital business is producing an increasing threat to banks across the world, with the largest banks owning an average of 7,500 public facing digital assets – 60% of which are outside the company firewall.

RBC makes first cross-border payment on Canadian RMB Trading Hub

Royal Bank of Canada has made the first cross-border Renminbi payment on Canada’s new RMB Trading Hub through the hub’s designated clearing bank, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (Canada).

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