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Bento for Business opens APIs, partners with The Bancorp and launches new products
Finastra gains three US clients

US-based expense management solution provider Bento for Business has onboarded new partners and expanded its product line.

Clinc teams with Enacomm to bring AI chatbots to small banks and credit unions
Fancy a chat?

Artificial intelligence (AI) fintech start-up Clinc is making its chatbot Finie more widely available through a new partnership with Enacomm.

BioCatch to power behavioural biometrics for Samsung SDS America

Behavioural biometrics and threat detection firm BioCatch is working with Samsung SDS America to combat fraud that occurs after a user has logged in.

Ledger partners with Intel to boost blockchain app security

Ledger, a France-based specialist in security solutions for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications, has partnered with Intel to bring greater protection for users of digital wallets.

Banking Technology Magazine
Banking Technology October 2017 issue out now
Banking Technology October 2017

Oh brave new world! Where transparency reigns. The latest edition of our flagship magazine – Banking Technology – is out now, packed with news, analysis and insights, case studies, research and expert commentary.

Industry Comment
Crime thriller: Trading Down, by Stephen Norman
Trading Down

A sneak preview of a debut novel by Stephen Norman, long serving CIO/CTO of RBS Global Markets and previously Merrill Lynch. A fast-paced crime thriller – published on 9 November 2017.

Blockchain and the Lycra principle: only when fit for purpose
Tim Thurman, Paysafe

Few ideas have captivated the modern payments and financial services industries like blockchain. Since Bitcoin officially launched in 2008, the noise around the potential of distributed ledgers and blockchain in particular has been incessant, particularly in the last two years.

The race to meaningfully engage with customers is on

The disruptive threats that banks face today are well documented: fintechs, decentralised cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger technology and now the tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Apple, to name a few. These players are all now placing themselves between retail banks and their customers, meaning that banks are not just competing with other banks anymore.

Ten questions for, and about, AI

I have had it with the stream of articles about what artificial intelligence (AI) can do. Yes, machine learning works. It is possible to analyse key words, correlate them with other key words, do a massive amount of statistics, and find out some stuff. People cannot do that and computers can. Is this AI?

Corporate client self-onboarding

Know this feeling when you are asked by a check-in clerk where you’d like to sit on a plane? A torrent of thoughts rushes through your head: being able to see the actual seat map with available options would make your choice much easier. Otherwise it’s kind of like a child describing his/her favourite movie.