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SIA sees mobile future in 2015
Arrighetti: the process of moving away from cash is underway

Nearly two-thirds of Italians will be able to make real-time peer to peer payments using a mobile phone by this summer, according to Massimo Arrighetti, chief executive of Italian payment processor SIA. That’s not the end of SIA’s plans however, as the company focuses on an internationalisation agenda that targets 400 million European current account holders.

Lloyds to plough £1 billion into digital banking

Lloyds Bank plans to invest £1 billion in digital banking capability over the next three years, re-investing a third of the savings it hopes to make in its drive to become ‘simpler and more efficient’.

Hybrid skills shortage threatens growth say international bank chiefs

Limited availability of key skills is seen as a threat to growth prospects by 70% of chief executives in the financial services sector. A global survey by PwC shows that the disruptive impact of new technology and new competition in the sector has created new challenges for employers looking to hire in the months ahead.

Europol takes down botnet in international action

In a joint international operation Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre seized servers said to have controlled the Ramnit botnet that had infected 3.2 million computers internationally. The operation involved investigators from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and the UK – which led the operation – along with partners from private industry.

Doubts rankle as European Commission races towards MiFID II deadline

European regulator ESMA is preparing to issue hundreds of pages of MiFID II cost-benefit analysis and Q&A material between now and July – but market participants are concerned about unresolved issues and rushed implementation as the deadline draws ever closer.

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Putting down the pen: how eBAM came about and what it means for corporates
Alexander Reinecke is

Arising out of developments in standardised messaging, eBAM is one step towards the future of more accessible, safer banking

Can we trust cryptocurrencies?
Mark Deem is a partner at Cooley LLP in London

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a currency system seeking successful adoption must be in want [...]

Cummins Allison_logo
Branch Transformation: Automated Coin Deposits

Paul Clay, National Account Manager for Banking and Security at Cummins Allison, talks about the importance of self-service coin solutions as part of a branch transformation programme.

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Bringing it all together
Interview Steve Goldstein

From the early days of internet distribution, New York-based Alacra has been aggregating reference data. Chief executive Steve Goldstein told David Bannister the company’s story

Taking care of business
Paul Fox

With a string of client projects in flight, the immediate effects of the financial crisis weren’t a problem for Dublin-based Information Mosaic, but as projects that had run for two or more years started coming to an end, things got a little tougher. Fortunately, the company has one major shareholder that has both funds and a long-term view …

Industry Focus
Across the spectrum: ISO 20022 perspectives
standard forum logo CMYK

The original concept of the ISO 20022 was to create a repository of data used in financial messaging to communicate business information of any type – and to be able to add any types of data that might arise in the future.

ISO 20022: the beginning of the future?

The ISO 20022 standard is 10 years old this year, but its roots go back to some five years before that, and the story of its development and adoption is likely to go on for many years in the future. The datum point is probably the publication in 1999 of a Green Paper from SWIFT called ‘Building Standards for Tomorrow’. The modest proposal in that document is that “the next generation of standards will be based on a structured and formal framework”.

Banking Technology Readers’ Choice Awards 2014 – Multifonds

Oded Weiss, chief executive of Multifonds – winner of the Best Post-Trade Processing Product category in the recent Banking Technology Readers’ Choice Awards 2014 – talks to editor David Bannister about the advent of the AIFMD and the quest for growth in the funds management industry.

SGGTB: corporates and transaction banking

Pascal Auge, head of global transaction and payment services, Societe Generale Global Transaction Banking discusses why transaction banking has become important for corporates and what services and solutions they are looking for.