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Market infrastructures must work with tech firms to combat cyber-threats

Financial market infrastructures must work with the “broader ecosystem” to improve the resilience of the international financial […]

Kynetix kicks off blockchain commodities consortium

Post-trade technology company Kynetix has launched a blockchain consortium, focused on using distributed ledger technology in commodities markets. The move comes as financial institutions increasingly explore ways to integrate the blockchain concept into mainstream financial services.

One in five UK bank accounts hit by cybercrime

One in five UK consumers (21%) have had personal details stolen and their bank accounts used to buy goods and services as a result of a cyber security breach, according to new research from business advisory firm Deloitte.

FIX adopts open access mechanism for trading applications

Non-profit organisation the FIX Trading Community has started posting its projects on developer repository GitHub, as part of a drive to get all of the important resources freely available in one place using a single sign-on. The move was done to encourage wider access and to speed up the development of standards for high-performance trading applications.

Correspondent banking faces ‘existential crisis’ warns PwC

De-risking, motivated by short-term risk-reward calculations, should not be allowed to kill off one of the cornerstones of the global financial system. Rather than abandon correspondent banking relationships, banks should be thinking about investing in and automating their risk controls, according to a new whitepaper by PwC.

Why 2016 is the year asset managers must take back control
Noel Montaigue is senior business manager at OpenLink

There is an uncanny similarity between Prime Minster David Cameron’s emphasis of moving from a “low wage, high tax, high welfare society to a higher wage, lower tax, and lower welfare society” and a shifting focus among the asset management community.

Digitising the banks

Banking and disruptive change go hand in hand. There was the era of deregulation. Then the 2008 crisis and the era of re-regulation. Then PPI. Now there is digital, and no sector is secure from its transformative power, not even a heavily fortified one …

For The Record
Norwegian mobile payment service Valyou closes down

The Norwegian Valyou mobile payment service started by DnB and Telenor will be closed at the end of this month as a result of slower than expected activation of NFC enabled POS terminals and a much lower than expected end user uptake.

HSBC payments head to take the helm at CHAPS

Tim Fitzpatrick has been appointed as the new chief executive of CHAPS, the UK’s same day high-value payment system. Currently HSBC’s Global Payments and Cash Management chief operating officer and group head of payment services.

LSE signs MoU with Khazakhstan Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange has signed a memorandum of understanding with JSC Kazakhstan Stock Exchange, the first ever between the two exchanges.

Thomson Reuters to supply reference data to SmartStream utility to carry

Thomson Reuters is to supply reference data to SmartStream’s Securities Product Reference Data utility. As part of the agreement, SmartStream will have access to Thomson Reuters PermID, a machine-readable identifier that creates a unique reference for any data item. The SmartStream utility will provide services for instrument reference data normalisation and validation across all asset. […]

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