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Lloyds closures highlight shift to digital banking

Lloyds Banking Group’s decision to close 200 branches and axe 9,000 staff was to be expected – but the firm’s digital plans highlight the changing nature of retail banking and the bank branch in general.

Emerging market banks lead on customer experience innovation

Banks in fast growing and rapidly developing markets have greater ambition to innovate and invest more in research and development on customer experience than those in mature markets, though all are increasing their investments.

Anti-HFT Aequitas Neo Exchange prepares for launch

A new exchange is planning to begin trading in March, with a platform focused on long-term investors and issuers. Chief executive Jos Schmitt says the new venue has some unusual features which should help keep unwanted high-frequency traders at bay.

“Mobile is the future” says Garanti Bank

Banks are pioneering advanced technologies in Turkey, giving the country a headstart over many of its European counterparts. In Istanbul, Garanti Bank explained how it pays for its customers to get mobile internet access – and how it is using social media to attract and keep customers.

Deutsche Börse names new chief executive

Carsten Kengeter has been named as the successor to Reto Francioni, who is stepping down as chief executive of Deutsche Börse after newaly 10 years. Kengeter will take over after the exchange group’s Annual General Meeting on 13 May 2015.

The death of the branch? Or is mobile over-hyped?
Brett King believes mobile services can replace the branch

Do banks still need branches, or does the smartphone make a physical presence obsolete? Panellists disagreed during a spirited debate hosted by ATM maker Wincor Nixdorf in Istanbul last week.

Starting over: Lloyds Banking Group’s transaction banking ambitions
Interview Ed smith

While a great deal of attention has been given to Lloyds Banking Group’s retail operations as its various elements are split up, less has been given to its activities in transaction banking, where it is “one year into a three-year journey” to transform itself and its customer offerings to create“the best global transaction bank in this region”.

Financial Services for the non-wealthy
Ilkka Ristimaki is director of the retail banking practice at Baringa

The hypothesis that seems to be gaining ground is that banks have a wider responsibility in society. If we believe that, then part of their responsibility must clearly be to provide banking products and services that serve the financial needs of the less affulent.

Why bank branches are here to stay
Paul Adams is chief executive at Glory Global Solutions

With digital solutions gaining popularity every day, McKinsey has suggested that once a credible digital-banking proposition exists, [...]

Industry Focus
Across the spectrum: ISO 20022 perspectives
standard forum logo CMYK

The original concept of the ISO 20022 was to create a repository of data used in financial messaging to communicate business information of any type – and to be able to add any types of data that might arise in the future.

ISO 20022: the beginning of the future?

The ISO 20022 standard is 10 years old this year, but its roots go back to some five years before that, and the story of its development and adoption is likely to go on for many years in the future. The datum point is probably the publication in 1999 of a Green Paper from SWIFT called ‘Building Standards for Tomorrow’. The modest proposal in that document is that “the next generation of standards will be based on a structured and formal framework”.