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Moscow market reforms battle capital flight
Moscow Exchange is implementing the G20 commitment, but doubts linger over Russia's reputation

Despite tensions between Russia and NATO over the situation in east Ukraine, the underlying internationalisation and reform agenda in Moscow has not changed, according to Russian broker BCS.

Monitise deepens ties with partners to raise £49 million

Monitise plans to raise £49.2 million through extensions of its relationships with Santander, Telefónica and MasterCard. The money raised will be used to ‘support the development and accelerated roll-out of its global platform capabilities’.

European Payments Council unveils SEPA rulebooks for 2015

The European Payments Council has set out new requirements under the Single Euro Payment Area Credit Transfer and Direct Debit schemes, including changes to the time cycle, business to business rulebooks and the process for SDD collection, following SEPA implementation in August.

“Woefully inadequate” CCPs could pose major systemic risk

Despite the G20 plans put in place since the financial crisis, CCPs are still vulnerable to unforeseen risks and could put the whole financial system in jeopardy in the event of a catastrophic default, according to senior financial services executives speaking in London today.

Bombay Stock Exchange targets HFTs with network revamp

India’s Bombay Stock Exchange has ramped up its network application and monitoring speeds and opened a new investor service centre in New Delhi, as it seeks to attract latency-sensitive traders.

A movement for change

Fintech innovation gets a lot of press, but there is a lack of co-ordination. Innovate Finance’s Claire Cockerton tells David Bannister how her organisation aims to change that

Brett King preaches the “good news” of mobile banking
King believes that the mobile has redefined the rules

Banks need to stop trying to exploit customers and start actually helping people, according to Brett King, chief executive at Moven. Instead of getting people to max out their credit card, a progressive bank should use smartphones and Big Data to help the consumer with the little things.

Using technology to drive business agility in a volatile environment
Sanjay Srivastava

As business process operations enter a new capter of accelerated transformation, technology services are not just a critical component for financial services firms – they are the business itself.

European banking industry under the competition and regulatory spotlight
Richard Mossman

It has been a busy week for the banking industry. The first big news was the publication of a comprehensive health check of 130 large European banks by the European Central Bank, which was commissioned in response to the sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone. Brussels lauded the latest investigation as the most intense scrutiny that European banks have ever been put through.

Industry Focus
Across the spectrum: ISO 20022 perspectives
standard forum logo CMYK

The original concept of the ISO 20022 was to create a repository of data used in financial messaging to communicate business information of any type – and to be able to add any types of data that might arise in the future.

ISO 20022: the beginning of the future?

The ISO 20022 standard is 10 years old this year, but its roots go back to some five years before that, and the story of its development and adoption is likely to go on for many years in the future. The datum point is probably the publication in 1999 of a Green Paper from SWIFT called ‘Building Standards for Tomorrow’. The modest proposal in that document is that “the next generation of standards will be based on a structured and formal framework”.

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