Now running on the latest Temenos T24 version

Now running on the latest Temenos T24 version

Credo Bank, a Georgia-based bank providing sustainable financial services for micro businesses and SMEs, has moved to the latest version of Temenos’ T24 core banking system.

The bank now has over one million accounts running on the upgraded platform.

The project was carried out by a Belarus-based partner of Temenos, Foranx, and was “a collaborative effort” between the three parties, the participants say.

The upgrade, which comprised moving the bank’s technology by four versions of T24 to bring it up-to-date, took three months.

This is the only live site for Temenos’ T24 in Georgia, Banking Technology understands. A while back, Bank of Georgia, the country’s largest financial institution, attempted to implement the system, but the project was not successful.