Self-onboarding: turning a tedious banking procedure into a breeze

Self-onboarding: turning a tedious banking procedure into a breeze

Know this feeling when you are asked by a check-in clerk where you’d like to sit on a plane? A torrent of thoughts rushes through your head: being able to see the actual seat map with available options would make your choice much easier. Otherwise it’s kind of like a child describing his/her favourite movie.

The fog of confusion you find yourself dealing with is pretty much the same as the one experienced by your corporate customer when setting up their access rights as part of online banking.

First, the customer needs to appoint users and explain their roles to you in order to request approval workflows which align well with a specific corporate hierarchy.

Then, you get back to them with what their options are. Special forms are used for that, followed by emails and face-to-face meetings to assure the customer’s needs are met.

It all takes time and effort on both sides.

Now, if you just showed your corporates what’s what – and had them pick their optimal way to proceed – wouldn’t it benefit everyone?

It definitely would, and that’s why we’ve decided to accommodate this particular need.

We developed a client self-onboarding tool for SMEs and large companies, called Comarch Corporate Banking. Now their employees can request access to the online banking channel and define its parameters however and whenever they want.

Your role then boils down to validating their choice and granting the said access to new users as well. Simple as that.

So first, self-onboarding turns a tedious banking procedure into a breeze. Second, corporates get to control their situation in full. And third, you are empowered to onboard multiple users at once, which counts for a lot: mass user setup is drudgery, not many banks handle it well.

Yours can be an exception to the rule.

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By Bartosz Lerka, business solution consultant, Comarch