Hello world!

Hello world!

“We’re opening up the Lemonade platform to the world!” says Shai Wininger, co-founder of Lemonade, a US-based insurtech firm.

“For the first time, developers will be able to easily incorporate insurance into their own experience, alongside their main products,” he says.

The new Lemonade API supports quoting, policy creation and payment for homeowners, condo, and renters insurance policies in the company’s active markets  of New York, California, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey and Rhode Island. More regions will be added “in the near future”.

“Now, Lemonade can be seamlessly integrated with commerce websites, financial advisor apps, property management companies, payment software processors, IoT [internet of things] platforms and more,” Wininger states.

There are two ways to integrate Lemonade’s API, he explains. The first is “a simple, one-line-of-code that gets you up and running in minutes” and comes with Lemonade’s Maya bot in a window. “The bot experience handles everything, from collecting information needed for a quote, to handling payments securely,” he says.

The second option is more advanced and “allows developers to control every step of the insurance purchase flow, bypassing the bot interface”.

This enables a deeper level of integration that enables users to incorporate insurance seamlessly in their app’s user experience (UI).

“Let’s build together,” Wininger calls on the industry. “It takes years to pull together the licences, capital and technology needed to offer insurance instantly through an app, which is why it’s almost non-existent.”

Lemonade’s API launch changes that, he states. “Can’t wait to see what you’ll create using our new API!”