OK Google, ask NEFCU for my balance!

OK Google, ask NEFCU for my balance!

Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union (NEFCU), a 200,000-member institution in Long Island, US, has launched its Google Home Action and Google Assistant app.

The solution is based on the Conversation.one platform. It enables NEFCU’s customers “to check their share and loan balances, review recent transactions, locate branches and ATMs, connect to their contact centre, or get the most up-to-date loan rates by simply talking to their Google Home devices or their Google Assistant,” the tech provider says.

“By leveraging the Conversation.one platform, we become one of the first financial institutions in the US to launch online banking Alexa skills and Google Home Actions, making us an industry leader in this technology,” states Jojo Seva, CIO at NEFCU.

Last year, another US credit union, Baxter CU, signed for Symitar’s Financial Innovations Voice Experience (FIVE) – a solution that explores the possibilities that voice-based personal assistants such as Amazon’s Echo and Microsoft’s Cortana can bring to banking.

Conversation.one was founded in 2017 and is based in California. Its flagship product is “a build-once-deploy-everywhere platform for developing conversational apps”. It is a “no-coding, no-programming, intuitive, visual and user-friendly” platform that uses machine learning.