E-book: In-memory computing for financial services – part 1

In this new e-book from GridGain Systems “In-Memory Computing for Financial Services: Part 1” you will learn how in-memory computing platforms such as Apache Ignite and GridGain address:

• High-frequency trading
• Fraud prevention
• Real-time regulatory compliance

What you will learn:

Mobile banking, 24-hour trading, and product innovation has driven the digital transformation. The result has been a tremendous rise in the amount of data to be processed which has created enormous pressure on the performance and scale of applications.

With the tight regulatory environment and cost pressures that financial services companies are facing today, they need big data technologies that make their risk management, monitoring, and compliance processes much faster and more efficient. Large financial institutions accumulating massive amounts of data need to be able to perform analytics on that data in real time in a cost-conscious manner to ensure a good user experience.

In addition, the threat of financial fraud and cyberattacks have created new demands. Companies must now analyze more data faster while satisfying customer demand for real-time response. Many financial services companies are finding in-memory computing platforms such as GridGain and Apache Ignite to be a key enabler for meeting these challenges.

Download “In-Memory Computing for Financial Services eBook: Part 1,” published by GridGain Systems, to understand how in-memory computing platforms such as Apache Ignite and GridGain can address performance, scale and analytical issues created by your company’s high frequency trading, fraud prevention, and real-time regulatory compliance requirements.

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