Vijay Oddiraju, Volante

Vijay Oddiraju, Volante

Volante Technologies has made its entire range of VolPay payments processing products available on Micosoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Vijay Oddiraju, chief executive of Volante, says the company wanted to give its customers and prospects as wide a choice as possible in the type of cloud environment on which they could deploy VolPay.

Volante’s products are platform agnostic and the company’s aim is to enable users to deploy the software on every type of cloud environment. By accessing VolPay on the cloud, users can avoid hosting on-premises or in their data centres. Software and hardware costs are reduced and firms can take advantage of new functionality as it becomes available.

Oddiraju says there is much interest in Azure among Volante’s customers and that Microsoft’s continuing and substantial investment in its cloud platform made it “definitely a platform we would like to be a part of”.

“While technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence are the flavour of the month, cloud as an option is gaining traction because it delivers on banks’ requirements to reduce costs, improve scalability and benefit from using on-demand products and services,” he says.

Three years ago, when Oddiraju talked to banking clients about the cloud, it would be “immediately dismissed” as an option, he said. This is no longer the case, with tier one banks discussing – and moving to – various cloud deployments including public, private and hybrid.

One of the most important drivers of this change of heart is cost reduction. In a non-cloud deployment, firms must operate their own data centres, maintain hardware and software and ensure their environments are up to date. This is all costly; but it also does not deliver the agility and scalability that banks are seeking.

“Almost all of our tier one customers at the CIO level are discussing cloud strategies – entire or partial – and plan to have some part of their business deployed in a cloud environment very soon,” says Oddiraju.

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