Another "as a service" is unveiled in our fintech world

Another “as a service” is unveiled in our fintech world

US-based Teradata has unveiled Agile Analytics Factory – a programme providing data science and analytics expertise as a service.

The launch coincides with its Teradata Partners Conference 2017 (22-26 October), attended by Banking Technology and held in Anaheim, California. At the same time, Teradata has released a new data analytics platform and revealed Danske Bank’s interest in its artificial intelligence (AI) driven fraud detection platform.

The concept of “as a service” has taken hold in fintech and Teradata is no exception. As an example, it cites Bankia in Spain as a use case.

Here, the service includes an operational data science initiative to “improve customer experience, increase multichannel sales, and create an operations excellence centre”. Using AI, the centre helps “industrialisation and automation of analytic processes”. Bankia is working to operationalise 200 models, with 3,000 variables daily.

At a media briefing during Teradata Partners Conference 2017, Rick Farnell, SVP at Think Big Analytics, the consulting arm of Teradata, said the service helps the bank “move from A to B – from AI to BI [business intelligence]”.

The Agile Analytics Factory uses Teradata’s business IP including the AnalyticOps Accelerator and industry data models. The idea is to help with the generation, validation, deployment, and management of deep learning models.

Here, IntelliSphere

Along with Agile Analytics Factory, Teradata also launched IntelliSphere – a “scalable analytical ecosystem”. This is a software portfolio, comprised of ten components (e.g. a data lab and hybrid cloud manager) without the “need to purchase separate software applications to build and manage their ecosystem”.

As with the analytics platform mentioned above, IntelliSphere is Teradata’s idea of bundling things together to make products more accessible to firms wary of how data science has become a trend – or even a potential concern.