A major financial institution in India is looking to make a fintech “acquihire”, according to Akhil Handa, head of fintech and new business initiatives at Bank of Baroda.

(Acquihire is an acquisition of a company primarily for the skills and expertise of its staff, rather than for the products or services it supplies.)

In a LinkedIn post, Handa says that a large bank (he clarifies that it is not Bank of Baroda) is looking to buy a fintech firm.

“The institution is at the centre of lots of action in the SME space and could provide a good platform for the team to learn and further sharpen their skillset,” he notes.

It is looking for a fintech with the following requirements:

  • team size – up to ten people;
  • team profile – experienced in the lending business;
  • core business – lending (preferably focused on SMEs)

Handa is asking interested parties to get in touch with him on LinkedIn.