Face ID in action

Face ID in action

Customers of TSB and Tesco Bank are now able to use facial recognition technology, Face ID, for mobile banking app and make payments.

The new technology is exclusive to Apple’s iPhone X.

Carlos Abarca, TSB’s chief information officer, says: “Providing customers with biometrics logon to their mobile banking, such as Face ID, means all of those passwords and memorable information become a thing of the past.”

The move by TSB comes “just weeks” (July to you and me) after it launched Samsung Pass iris recognition for its customers, which was built on its new Proteo4UK IT banking platform.

Not to be outdone, Tesco Bank is offering the same. So no need to repeat the above.

To date, Tesco Bank says it has seen over one million customers register for the mobile app as their preferred method of accessing their account.

It is understood that Nationwide and Bank of Scotland also offer the same feature. Banking Technology expects many other UK banks to jump on the bandwagon soon.