Canada calling

Canada calling

The Competition Bureau in Canada is seeking feedback on the nation’s financial services and fintech sector.

Like many other regulators around the world, the bureau has published a draft report on its market study concerning technology‑led innovation.

John Pecman, commissioner of competition at the Competition Bureau, says: “The future is now. Let’s get it right by providing policymakers with the information they need to nurture a competitive environment that allows Canada’s fintech companies to innovate and grow globally.”

The bureau adds: “The financial services sector is a pillar of the Canadian economy. From consumers buying groceries to businesses making investments that create the jobs of tomorrow, practically everything we do relies on this sector.”

The draft report contains several recommendations for regulators and policymakers to consider. Interested parties are invited to provide their feedback no later than 20 November 2017.

No exact date is provided, but it says it will soon release a final report which takes into consideration the views collected during the consultation period.

More details on the report and how to give feedback can be found here.