Digital innovation is disrupting the retail banking industry worldwide. Many perceive the trailblazers to be the hot start-ups – creative, legacy-free, pioneering the latest digital and analytics technologies. But established ‘traditional’ banks have the opportunity to reinvent or reinvigorate their brands in the digital world – with an already captive audience and decades of transactional customer data.

This Banking Technology webinar brought to you in association with Misys looks at how different models of banks are innovating around the customer, and where the innovation is proving most successful in client acquisition, retention and sales.

Key discussion points during this webinar include:

  • The latest global developments and innovations in the retail banking industry
  • Technologies and trends that can transform a traditional bank into a disruptor
  • Attracting the Millennial generation
  • Creating an effective unified customer experience
  • Are legacy core systems hindering digital performance?