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Whatever label you use, instant, immediate, faster or real-time payments have moved to the top of the agenda at every payments-related event so far this year and are sure to be high on the agenda when Swift’s annual Sibos event lands in Singapore in October.

“Instant payments can be the lever you use to transform legacy systems,” said Mark Buitenhek, global head of transaction services at ING, during the opening keynote at the EBAday Payments Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam last week.

While domestic systems are likely to dominate efforts for the next few years, many recognise that further down the line there will be a need to have interoperability and some harmonisation now will pay dividends in the future.

As another panellist at EBAday put it: “I don’t know when, but everything will be instant in the future.”

Nearing the halfway mark for 2015, here’s a round-up of the stories so far …