MCO Europe, exclusive distributor of the McObject high performance database financial markets in the UK and Europe, is raising investment through Crowdcube, the UK’s largest crowdfunding site,  to fund growth and expansion.

McObject’s eXtremeDB Financial Edition high-performance database is used for trading and risk management by banks, fund managers, brokers and data vendors.

Ian Hillier-Brook, chief executive of MCO Europe, said: “McObject has an established track record in the financial markets. Its technology has a huge upside potential, as there is an existing and growing need for financial institutions to process and analyse vast amounts of data, very quickly, to retain competitiveness, manage risk and satisfy the regulators. The McObject products deliver exactly what these institutions need.”

In the last couple of years McObject claims a number of major clients wins inthe US. The success of McObject’s ultra-high speed data management technology is thanks to its exceptionally fast processing speed and the fact that the software does not require programmers to learn a proprietary programming language.