banqueTandem Bank has selected the Agiliti technology platform from core system provider Fiserv. The bank received its banking license on 30 November 2015, and is expected to launch later in the year. Focussing on creating what it calls a ‘good bank’ with a heavy emphasis on the needs and behaviours of its customers, it will introduce a range of digital products intended to help customers manage their finances in a manner that suits them.

“Tandem Bank will be a highly disruptive player in the banking world, with a sharp focus on helping to improve people’s lives by providing tools and services that provide more control and visibility to their personal finances,” said Ricky Knox, founder, Tandem Bank. “We are in a critical phase for the business as we fine tune our launch plan, ensuring what our customers want is at the forefront. We look to Agiliti from Fiserv to provide a first-class technology platform as we focus on serving up the best user experience possible.”

Agiliti will deliver the service, technology and infrastructure to facilitate the launch of Tandem Bank, with its capacity to quickly deploy the customer technology with the scalability and reliability of a private cloud. Using the clarity around pricing, its pre-integrated components and services, and customer service tools, it believes the system will help support an efficient business model.

The platform includes a suite of payment and transaction capabilities and gives financial institutions the ability to manage customer relationships across all channels, throughout the customer lifecycle, and retain full ownership of the customer, the associated data, their brand, and their commercial model.

Reported by Dan Barnes