D+H pledges commitment to real-time payments

D+H pledges commitment to real-time payments

US-based banking and payments software vendor D+H has joined its rivals FIS and Jack Henry in partnering with The Clearing House (TCH) for real-time payments.

D+H will provide US banks and financial institutions with access to TCH’s domestic instant payments system. The system is currently being built, with the “plumbing” provided by VocaLink. The vendor’s Faster Payments solution – built originally for the UK market and already in operation there for many years – will underpin the US offering.

D+H already has experience of dealing with real-time payments, as its payments division – Global Transaction Banking Solution (GBTS, formerly Fundtech) – has a broad geographical spread, working in the countries where real-time payments are a reality, such as the UK, Singapore and Sweden.

D+H will now enable its US clients – there are about 6,000 on its customer list here – to connect with TCH for the origination, processing and settlement of real-time payments.

FIS and Jack Henry have already pledged commitment to the project. ACI Worldwide promptly followed suit. Banking Technology is confident that other vendors are zealously writing press releases to the same effect. Our money is on Fiserv.