Ricardo Moreno Garcia, BBVA

Ricardo Moreno Garcia, BBVA

BBVA is partnering with Red Hat to speed up innovation and digital banking growth.

The agreement, which turns Red Hat into a “priority partner” for BBVA, is part of a series of alliances that BBVA is aiming to forge. Earlier this year, it signed an alliance with Cisco, also allowing it to become a “priority” technology partner.

Ricardo Moreno Garcia, BBVA’s head of engineering, says the deal will help it “capitalise on the opportunities offered by cloud computing technologies” so it can become a “more flexible and scalable digital bank”.

The new IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)-based platform by Red Hat will enable the bank to focus on developing applications that can support the “heavy demands” of global digital bank services.

Their collaboration spans several key areas, including:

  • IaaS: BBVA has designed an automated, multi-tenant service cloud based on Red Hat OpenStack Platform, a scalable, production-ready solution that offers an open foundation for cloud deployments;
  • Paas: BBVA and Red Hat are collaborating to define and build BBVA’s global corporate PaaS architecture based on Red Hat’s OpenShift container application platform;
  • Cloud management platform: BBVA’s platform, based on RedHat CloudForms, will assist the operating and financial management of a multi-cloud environment.

Both also plan to work together on training and enablement initiatives for better knowledge sharing and support.

To cap it off

Recently, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) announced it is powering its new Open Experience centre with Red Hat technologies, including the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform and OpenShift Enterprise, Red Hat’s web-scale container application platform.

Open Experience was launched by RBS in February at its HQ in Edinburgh (UK) to pursue “innovative new technologies for the bank and its customers”.