With digital banking sharply on the rise in the UK – according to the latest figures released by the British Bankers Association – who is leading among the UK retail banks?

We have put together some nifty stats for the top ten online banking sites in the UK for the past month (data courtesy of SimilarWeb). We’ll be publishing regular updates on a monthly basis, to track the changes, developments and trends – to bring you a fuller picture of the country’s digital banking appetite.


  • Four of the UK’s top ten banks for desktop traffic in July 2016 are owned by Lloyds Banking Group (Halifax is part of Lloyds).
  • Topping the visits in July was Lloydsbank.co.uk, with 20.4 million UK desktop visits in July, followed by Lloydsbank.com (15 million) and Barclays.co.uk (14.4 million).
  • However fifth-placed for visits – Santander’s online site – produced the best engagement performance in July. The bank site beat the other UK banks on average visit duration (eight minutes and nine seconds) and pages per visit – an incredible 17.49 – higher than any top ten bank in the UK, US or India.
  • Lloyds Bank had the most impressive bounce rate at only 4.77% – the vast majority who click on the site stay on the website.

Top Retail Banking Sites in the UK – July 2016

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