Finie is “significantly more sophisticated than Siri, Alexa or Cortana”, claims developer Clinc

Finie is “significantly more sophisticated than Siri, Alexa or Cortana”, claims developer Clinc

Fintech start-up Clinc says it has created “the world’s first” open source platform for building artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning-based personal assistants. Clinc calls it “the financial genie” or “Finie”. It is pitched to banks, financial institutions and personal finance managers.

The solution was developed by a group of professors at the University of Michigan, Jason Mars, Lingjia Tang and Michael Laurenzano. They set up Clinc in 2015, with Mars as CEO, Tang as chief scientific officer, and Laurenzano as CTO.

Finie can be integrated into the banks’ mobile banking applications, acting as “a voice-activated intelligent personal assistant that is able to answer financial questions unique to each individual user, offer personalised spending advice, and fulfil any banking task”.

Finie emulates human intelligence and is able to interpret “the underlying meaning of user queries” beyond semantics and intent. The vendor says this enables users to interact with their bank account in “a natural and conversational way”, with no template questions or specific keywords. It is not limited to a set of rule-based commands or canned answers either, Clinc adds, “unlike industry competitors”.

Also, Finie provides visuals on-screen such as graphs and charts, in addition to spoken conversation.

Clic emphasises that Finie is “significantly more sophisticated than Siri, Alexa or Cortana”.

Chatting with Finie

Chatting with Finie

Chatting with Finie
Here are the examples of questions users can ask:

  • “Ya know, I was in NYC last week and spent a bunch at restaurants, how much was that?”
  • “Have I gotten paid yet?”
  • “How is my account looking?”
  • “Where did my money go?”
  • “What are some most expensive transactions I made in the last 30 days?”
  • “Any abnormal transactions in May?”
  • “I went to Chicago last month. Did I spend any money there?”
  • “How much did I spend eating out this month?”
  • “When is my mortgage due?”
  • “What are your latest car loan rates?”
  • “Can I afford to spend $80 on new shoes?”

Also, consumers can request Finie to carry out tasks such as:

  • “Please transfer $1,000 from checking to savings.”
  • “I lost my card last weekend, how do I get a new one?”
  • “I need more cheques.”