What were the most popular mobile banking apps (on Android) in the UK in August 2016?

We reveal the stats for the top ten apps in the UK, ranked taking into account two engagement metrics – current installs and active app users (data courtesy of digital market intelligence firm SimilarWeb). Current installs show the percentage installs of an app on all Android devices in a country. The active app users data shows the average daily percentage of users that used the app.

The Barclays app is the most popular banking app in the UK, installed on 6.13% of all UK Android devices. Barclays also has the highest active daily users at 34.4% and the longest usage time among its customers – 23 minutes. HSBC’s app also stands out for this metric of time on app, at 22 minutes 37 seconds.

Top ten mobile banking apps (Android) in the UK – August 2016 

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