Harrods_BankThe FIS Profile core banking project is dead. Long live a new core banking project!

UK-based Harrods Bank is back to market to find a new core banking solution, Banking Technology understands. It is understood to be in talks with a broad number of tech suppliers, including Temenos and Misys (the incumbent provider).

The bank is a long-standing user of Misys’ Bankmaster, and has been looking to replace it for a number of years – although nothing has come to fruition so far.

In 2015, it selected FIS’s Profile core banking system, but the project was subsequently shelved. There was a management shake-up at Harrods Bank, including the departure of the senior executives responsible for selecting FIS’s Profile.

Incidentally, there were also management changes at FIS in the UK, with a number of key execs leaving the vendor.

Earlier this year, Harrods Bank appointed a new CIO, Simon Bateman, but is yet to announce a new CEO (following the recent departure of Peter Ball).

Harrods Bank operates from the Harrods store in Knightsbridge. It offers personal banking services such as mortgages, loans, high-value current accounts, debit cards and savings, and also business banking services.