You are (definitely) here

You are (definitely) here

US Bank is offering a Visa-developed geolocation service, a new, opt-in technology integrated into the bank’s mobile apps that enable the location of a card transaction to be matched to the location of the user’s phone.

By matching the location, US Bank says it can help ensure that transactions on customers’ cards are approved and reduce the risk of fraud. The programme will initially be available to its co-brand and financial institution partners.

Clifford Cook, senior vice-president and head of product and marketing for the retail payment solutions division at US Bank, says: “We’ve all experienced that embarrassing moment when your credit card is declined at dinner while on vacation because the bank thinks you should be at home in Minneapolis, but you’re eating dinner in Seattle. When your phone is on and you’ve opted-in for geolocation, US Bank can validate that the expense is legitimate and avoid customer frustration.”

Customers with US Bank FlexPerks Visa credit cards may opt-in to the new geolocation feature via the FlexPerks mobile app. Cardholders who participate in one of the bank’s co-brand credit card programmes may use the corresponding credit card management mobile app to opt-in as well. The service is also available through its Elan partner financial institutions via the Elan mobile app and will be made available for the US Bank mobile app in the future.