There’s lots to read about High Frequency Trading elsewhere on the site and in Banking Technology mag , so we’re happy to report that there are some people out there who have taken on-board the obvious point that HFT and algo trading are not synonymous.

Hats off to Rising Sum, which has built a platform that identifies investment opportunities “using the acquisition criteria favoured by Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet’s highly successful investment vehicle”.

Buffet is, of course, famous for buying stock in companies that he considers have true value, rather than just a share price that is heading in one direction or the other. Then he holds onto them for a while. Often quite a long while.

Taking Buffet’s criteria as a starting point, lets investors enter their stocks into the system and find out if any of their existing holdings would pass the Buffett Test.

Even so, we wouldn’t normally pass it on, but the chairman of the company is Kevin Ashby, whose previous roles include being founding chairman and chief executive of Saxo Bank Asia/Pacific, chief executive of Patsystems and chairman of Anvil, the last two of which were acquired by ION.