Stockholm to get its own fintech hub in 2017

Stockholm to get its own fintech hub in 2017

Stockholm Fintech Hub – an independent not-for-profit innovation hub – will open its doors in Q1 2017. Its aim is to promote and accelerate the development of fintech, insurtech and regtech start-ups.

Behind the initiative are BLC Advisors, KPMG, NFT Ventures, and Invest Stockholm.

According to KPMG, Stockholm-based companies received 18% of all private placements in fintech companies across Europe in the last five years.

Stockholm already has “has some exceptional ‘horizontal’ general tech co-working spaces, meet-ups, accelerators and investors,” says Matthew Argent, co-founder of the Stockholm Fintech Hub and partner at BLC Advisors.

“We are now at the stage where ‘verticalised’, specialised environments need to be created that allow fintech founders and entrepreneurs access to a support system that can tackle the challenges and maximise the opportunities that are specific to fintech companies.”

He describes the innovation hub as “an enabler and a vital link between start-ups, regulators and established financial institutions”.

There are co-operation agreements in place with 42 fintech hubs around the world, he adds.