Hand with marker writing: JARGONFor some people in the world of fintech, they find comfort in the language of jargon. Pity these poor souls! Lost, confused and unable to communicate clearly and normally. Here are our top five jargon winners of 2016. You can avoid being on this list next year – just use English! 

CIBC ends phase one of transaction banking tech revamp
“Focused on innovation that makes a difference for our clients.”

Cognizant to acquire digital agency Mirabeau
“Creates additional value by revolutionising the digital customer experience…”

Société Générale unveils new innovation hub
Its head of innovation had nothing innovative to say about the launch.

Accenture acquires Allen International for digital banking push
“Phygital”!? Really?

Capital One buys online price tracker Paribus
Rambling blog post doesn’t reveal much – just stuff like “bonding” and “energised”.