China-based Haier Finance has adopted Bloomberg’s foreign exchange (FX) electronic trading platform (FXGO) and multi-asset risk system (MARS) for trading and risk management.

Bloomberg FXGO provides access to liquidity from over 300 providers worldwide and commission-free trading for financial institutions, corporations, money managers and hedge funds across “all major” FX instruments including spot, forwards, options, NDFs and deposits.

Zhang Bing, head of trading at Haier Finance, says with FXGO it “can access real-time executable pricing from multiple banks, click and trade various FX instruments on the best price provided as well as the ability to demonstrate best execution for compliance and reporting purposes”.

Haier Finance has also adopted Bloomberg MARS for cross-assets risk management. The system enables the middle and back offices to access real-time data of transactions and analyse yield, spread and risks.

The system integrates Bloomberg’s pricing models, stress testing in different scenarios and other customised functionalities.