Customers at Barclays Bank suffered a worrying weekend due to problems with cash machines, debit cards and phone banking.

At 2pm (UK time) on 25 February, Barclays become aware of the issues and advised customers to use other banks’ cash machines. The customers would probably have worked that out for themselves.

Naturally, these problems resulted in countless issues for customers. Ranging from unable to buy a train ticket to “trashing my weekend” (i.e. ruined).

Some customers were annoyed by the lack of communication from Barclays.

At 7.52pm (UK time) on the same day, Barclays said debit services were back.

While at 9.22pm (UK time), also on the same day, it said everything was back to normal.

It is not yet known how many of Barclays’ 15 million card customers have been affected by the problems.

Last year

In 2016 Barclays’ business banking service,, decided it would also take time off during the three-day Bank Holiday weekend in the UK.

The system suffered intermittent outages from 29 April until 3 May, and there were numerous complaints on Twitter from angry users.