Click on the image to read the white paper

Click on the image to read the white paper

Synthesise holistic wisdom from core systems and not just from channel silos. 

The white paper, courtesy of CustomerXPs, is free to read, download and share, and no registration required! 

A synchronised enterprise fraud risk management approach delivers five compelling advantages over a delivery channel silos only approach:

  • the depth of analysis,
  • ease of configuration and implementation,
  • cross-channel fraud detection,
  • insider fraud detection,
  • a real-time highly available fraud detection engine by default (rather than as an add-on feature).

Core banking system is where 80% of the data will be available for fraud intelligence including customers, accounts, employees, all channel financial transactions, remittances etc. Use of key information available for customer/account in conjunction with the alternate delivery channel transactions is key in effective fraud detection.

Interested in exploring these key differentiating aspects further? Click here to read the full white paper.