Mobile-only challenger bank Monzo has been hit by tech issues for the second time this week.

As Banking Technology reported on 6 March, payment outages caused major problems to cardholders and fintech services provides in the UK and internationally – and Monzo was one of the affected firms reporting issues with their payment processor.

Today (8 March), it is experiencing some issues with its in-app display.

monzo - 8 march

And on Monzo’s status page it says payments may show the incorrect amount.

The firm is keeping people informed and says: “We’ve just released an update to the Android app v1.5.2 which fixes the issues faced when launching the app. Android users are requested to update to the latest version of the app from the Play Store.

“Our engineers are continuing to work toward fixing the problem, but transactions continue to be displaying in the app incorrectly. This remains an in-app display problem and your card will work as normal.”

More updates as and when they happen.