Samsung Pay comes to Sweden. Image source: Nordea

Samsung Pay comes to Sweden. Image source: Nordea

Nordea has launched the beta version of Samsung Pay in Sweden. The bank’s customers can use this new payment service to make in-store payments with their mobile phones.

“The service is available to all Nordea Swedish customers that have an active private credit or debit card and a compatible Samsung phone,” the bank says.

Nordea Wallet app is used to automatically register a user’s debit/credit card (Visa or Mastercard) in the Samsung Pay app – and customers can start paying with their phone “in most stores around Sweden”.

The bank assures Nordea Wallet “will be continuously developed and help customers in their daily shopping”.

Samsung Pay has been fully launched in 11 markets to date: South Korea, US, China, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Russia, Thailand and Malaysia.

“Sweden is the first Nordic country where Samsung Pay is made available,” says says Topi Manner, head of personal banking at Nordea.

Sweden is also prolific in using mobile payment services, Manner adds. “The smartphone penetration is very high and many of our customers are using a Samsung mobile device.”