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This week, Banking Technology deputy editor Antony Peyton doesn’t offer up one view, but the views of many.

While Twitter in general may often be worryingly full of narcissism and whining, our fintech world usually offers up something more constructive. One thing that I enjoy are the short and sweet polls that provide a handy gauge of the industry’s state of mind. I won’t cite the ones we’ve done at Banking Technology but take a quick look at two others.

Chris Gledhill, a well-known speaker and commentator, is good at coming up with smart questions that attract a lot of attention. While the poll below puts quantum computing and gene editing to the fore, blockchain’s third place demonstrates that all the stories we’re publishing on this subject aren’t in vain.

Another popular trend at the moment is open banking; and UK challenger Starling Bank ran one on that theme.

Ultimately, not a great surprise. Our fintech world is full of inclusion and everyone wants to work with everyone else. Perhaps a sign of our sharing times or an astute move to hedge your bets.

I’m sure I’ve missed out many other engaging polls. Some on purpose for the sake of brevity, but let me know of other good ones out there… if you want.

Last week’s Monday mindset gave a brief lowdown on going digital.

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