Making banking delightful

Making banking delightful

Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) has launched the New EON, a new digital banking platform (a revamped version of the original EON, created at the start of the millennium). The mobile biometric authentication tech is provided by Daon.

Daon’s IdentityX platform enables EON customers to log in with a “selfie”.

Paolo Baltao, EON’s head advocate, says the vendor was chosen following an “extensive research”.

“EON is about harnessing technology to make banking delightful,” Baltao says. “With Daon’s IdentityX platform, EON introduced the first ever selfie banking in the Philippines!”

EON uses fingerprint and face authentication, with plans to enable additional biometrics, e.g. voice recognition, in due course.

EON’s original focus was on online shopping, but over the years the functionality has expanded. New EON is built around a customer’s broader “digital life” and is now “a community”.

“New EON for the Digital ME,” states UnionBank.

“EON and technology go hand in hand to provide an experience that simply feels at home – even enjoyable – to the Digital MEs.”

Earlier this year, Daon helped BNP Paribas Wealth Management to launch a new biometric authentication product, myBioPass. The bank’s customers can log into their accounts with a “selfie” and authorise transactions by fingerprint and voice recognition. The bank says it is the first in Europe to put all three biometric features together.

Last year, Nequi, a financial mobile banking service from Bancolombia, has become the first in Colombia to deploy mobile biometrics for authentication – with tech provided by Daon.

IdentityX is also used by a new mobile bank in Brazil, Neon.