It’s infographics time! This nifty infographics, created by Mastercard, outlines some facts and figures about the new £1 coin, compared to the old one (introduced back in 1983).

A few highlights:

  • It’s estimated there are 30 million counterfeit £1 coins.
  • In the course 2017, the Royal Mint will be producing 1.5 billion of the new £1 coins, equating to the weight of nearly 4,090 elephants.
  • A £1 coin left sitting in a piggy bank since 1983 would be worth just 32p now.
  • Football fans could watch 34 minutes of a game for a pound in 1983, but they’d only get three minutes of a match for the same money today.

Mastercard_1PoundCoin Infographic

Source: Mastercard