Get ready for PSD2!

Get ready for PSD2!

The implementation of the updated Payment Services Directive (PSD2) will affect banking institutions of all sizes, opening up financial services and payments markets to new competitors and service providers.

PSD2 will provide new opportunities to make use of banks’ internal data and external market information in real-time and at scale, as part of delivering customer services.

To meet the requirements around customer experience and PSD2, consolidation of data should be a prerequisite. By looking at how to manage data at scale, banking IT teams can implement new cloud applications that can meet new customer experience expectations.

Without the ability to consolidate data effectively, understand the relationships between the data elements, and achieve all this in real time, banks will find it difficult to implement new services that customers will value and face a potential loss of those customers to competitors.

Read this free white paper to found out more about:

  • The current challenges that exist around data and complying with PSD2.
  • The opportunities for banks to use data more effectively and deliver a real difference to customer experience.
  • The role of data management at scale within customer experience and compliance management.

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