The customers of Lloyds, Halifax and NatWest have all been affected by an online banking glitch that is preventing access to accounts and making payments disappear.

The problems, which are not good at any time, have been exacerbated by the fact that today (28 April) is a payday for many in the UK, and 1 May (Monday) is a public holiday.

On the NatWest Twitter account, it says it is “aware of some issues with completing transfers on accounts”.

Customers on Twitter have been the usual mix of abusive, confused or sarcastic. If anybody thinks British people are polite and calm – take a look at Twitter for a reality check.

The main concerns are that there is no access to accounts or money has gone missing.

On Lloyds and Halifax Twitter accounts they both display the same message.

Their customers have the same kind of problems as NatWest.


At 3.29pm (UK time) on 28 April, NatWest declared everything was back to normal.

Here we go again

All these problems are nothing new to the UK banking scene.

In January, customers of Lloyds, Halifax and TSB were unable to access their online accounts after a major outage.

In October, there were some issues with NatWest’s debit card payments and its customers were unable to make purchases.