Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is cutting nearly 250 jobs as part of a back-office ops shake-up – with claims that some roles will end up in India.

The bank says 92 full-time staff will be affected, while 154 contractor roles will go later this year. Most of these positions are technology-related and are based in London.

RBS says it is moving towards “a simpler, smaller UK-focused bank”.

This move follows on from last month’s report, where RBS announced it was closing 30 of its own branches and 128 of its subsidiary, NatWest, putting 470 people out of work. That decision is a result of changing consumer behaviour and poor financial results. This led to its CEO calling for more cost reductions and a faster digital transformation.

In response to this latest bad news, Unite, the union representing staff at RBS, cites the total figure being 334 jobs and claims that RBS will offshore more jobs to India.

On its website, Rob MacGregor, Unite national officer, says: “Unite cannot understand how RBS, which continues to be taxpayer backed, can justify hundreds more staff cuts and continue transferring important work out of the country.

“The loss of these jobs to India does nothing to support the well-being and livelihood of UK workers and their families, this is not in the taxpayer interest.”

RBS has declined to comment on Unite’s offshore claims.