Misys and Diebold Nixdorf team for cloud banking tech in Germany

Misys and Diebold Nixdorf team for cloud banking tech in Germany

Misys has announced the availability of its solutions for German retail banks in the cloud. Diebold Nixdorf will deliver infrastructure services out of its certified data centres in Germany.

Misys says this is the first of several regional roll-outs of its cloud offering across Europe and Asia Pacific in the near future.

“The pre-configured and localised Misys Fusionbanking Essence solution delivers core and digital banking functionality on the Misys Fincloud in line with regional specificities including language, currency and regulatory frameworks,” the vendor states.

The solution for German banks provides front-to-back office functionality (including online and mobile channels), payment orchestration and messaging, and interfaces to local third parties. The latter cover regulatory requirements for tax, KYC, AML, statutory reporting and card management – the vendors include BSM, WebID, Wirecard and Bank-Verlag.

To Banking Technology‘s knowledge, at present Misys does not have any customers in Germany using its Fusionbanking Essence core system.

“We’re making good on our promise to bring our clients choice when it comes to deploying our software,” says Nadeem Syed, Misys’ CEO.

“The launch of Fincloud was the first phase [in spring 2016] and now we are localising our componentised software in the cloud to support our customers around the world, as part of our strategic roadmap.”