Fradeom White PaperHow can banks improve their commercial card programmes and add value for their commercial customers? As ever in such discussions, the industry tends to come across the problem of measurement and benchmarking against norms.

The fact is that there does not exist one set of norms. Every business is different, and each business sector has varied characteristics that make benchmarking difficult to achieve. Without benchmarking it is difficult to form a comparative evaluation of business performance, and without such an evaluation it is even harder to suggest strategies that can be put in place to realise more performance from card programmes.

What’s more, there are many data points to measure – just as a doctor wouldn’t reach a reliable diagnosis merely from a temperature reading, card programme managers need to consult a range of data points to help identify healthy, ailing and improving programmes.

This free white paper provides a structured framework for measuring performance of commercial card programmes across multiple industry sectors, suggests a range of norms for card penetration and usage, and describes the key data points for measurement. In addition, it describes the actions that card issuers could take to maximise value from the programmes they have running: retaining business that is already fruitful, and nurturing business which could be more abundantly fruitful.

The white paper looks at two key areas around how technology can help banks and end-user clients get more from commercial card products:

  • Help bank issuers maximise return on investment in commercial card products
  • Help end-user clients extract maximum value from provider solutions

It includes a review of:

  • The key data points that bank issuers can best track to improve delivery and performance.
  • The norms and comparative opportunities that these data points may highlight for your potential attention and focus.
  • How these data points can be better monitored and improved using technology.
  • Other suggestions for the industry to improve performance using technology.

We hope that you find these insights valuable!

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