Blockchain-as-a-Service anyone?

Blockchain-as-a-Service anyone?

SAP has launched a blockchain platform – “ready-to-use blockchain technology” – in the SAP cloud.

The launch comes as part of SAP’s “transition toward a cloud-centric environment”, the company has announced at its annual Sapphire event in Orlando.

The Blockchain-as-a-Service solution sits within the SAP Leonardo umbrella of offerings – also unveiled at this year’s Sapphire. The vendor describes SAP Leonardo as a “comprehensive digital innovation system”, which includes new technologies, such as blockchain, machine learning, IoT etc, integrated into one ecosystem.

The blockchain solution is based on Hyperledger. SAP joined Hyperledger as a premier member earlier this year.

In the banking space, SAP’s core banking software was used last year in a proof-of-concept (PoC) to apply blockchain technology for cross-border payments. The widely publicised PoC used Ripple’s blockchain-based technology to transfer €666.67 between ATB Financial in Canada and ReiseBank in Germany.