Barclaycard has begun trialling a new payment concept that lets consumers scan and pay for their shopping using their smartphone, without the need to visit a physical checkout.

Called Grab+Go, it’s the firm’s plan to turn a smartphone into a “pocket checkout”, allowing users to scan the items they want to buy as they pick them and then complete their purchase with a single click and walk out of a store.

Usman Sheikh, director of design and experimentation at Barclaycard, says: “One of the key customer frustrations with shopping is the time spent queuing to pay for items they want to buy – especially when they are in a hurry.”

Users download the Grab+Go app, create an account and pre-load their payment details, and then use their smartphone camera to scan the barcode on items as they go. When finished, they click “I’m done” and walk out. Payment is taken in the background and the receipt is stored in the app.

It is currently being trialled by Barclays and Barclaycard colleagues in the firm’s staff restaurant in London with Northampton, Teesside and Wilmington in the US to follow shortly – ahead of a planned public roll-out.