All systems down

All systems down

A whole swathe of fintech firms and challenger banks have been hit by tech issues – with card payments failing.

The names include mobile-only challenger bank Monzo, Revolut, Starling Bank, Curve and payments start-up Fire.

The problem is understood to be due to provider Global Processing Services (GPS), which as usual offers no updates on its site or Twitter.

Today (6 July), the affected parties tweeted the issues. No need to show them all.

The issues started around 9.30am (UK time) and were resolved around 11am.

As Banking Technology reported in March, payment outages caused major problems to cardholders and fintech services provides in the UK and internationally – and some of the above were the affected firms reporting issues with GPS.

Also in the same month, and in a separate incident, Monzo experienced some issues with its in-app display and said payments may show the incorrect amount.