Douugh might be what you need/knead...

Douugh might be what you need/knead…

Banking challenger Douugh has unveiled its artificial intelligence (AI) powered financial platform, guided by “Sophie” – a 24/7 personal assistant for finances.

Andy Taylor, founder and CEO of Douugh, says: “We believe the future of banking is about platform, data and identity.”

Douugh plans to use Sophie to offer better financial decisions for consumers. Services will include:

  • Through connection of a user’s existing bank accounts and credit cards, Sophie will collate, organise and inform on spending habits all in one place;
  • Users can use Sophie as their own personal banker to perform transactional tasks – such as paying and splitting bills, requesting money, saving, tracking and management of spending and savings goals;
  • Sophie will also be made accessible via Alexa and Siri, allowing for voice activation on the move.

Taylor foresees Douugh’s role as working with partners to deliver complementary services that are connected into Sophie. Some will be integrated directly within the Douugh app, others through an API product called “Douugh Connect”.

The start-up is now accepting beta pilot registrations, which will be rolled out on an invitation-only basis.

Douugh was founded in early 2016 by Taylor, co-founder of Australia’s P2P lending platform, SocietyOne.

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