Audio ambitions, accelerators and an association. It’s our latest blockchain and Bitcoin round-up. Featuring Anryze, Starta Accelerator and the Russian Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Anryze, which provides a blockchain platform designed for speech recognition and analysis, has announced it will hold a token sale to develop its product and expand into new markets. The founders aim to sell 300 million RYZ tokens for a total of $6 million. The crowdsale is scheduled to begin on 12 September.

The start-up’s speech-to-text service currently works with Russian and English audio. After the token sale, the company plans to begin work on adding Chinese, Spanish and German languages. Mikhail Yezhov, co-founder of Anryze, says it is already working with American brokerage houses, “and we are currently conducting negotiations in Russia”.

Rocket it to them Starta Accelerator

Rocket it to them Starta Accelerator

New York-based Starta Accelerator has announced the launch of an accelerator programme, called “Token Rockets”, for start-ups working with blockchain. The training will culminate in a new crowdsale of cryptographic tokens for each of the start-ups.

From September, Starta says start-ups from countries in Eastern Europe will be able to implement or develop blockchain models within their businesses, as well as preparing and conducting a crowdfunding campaign to sell and distribute cryptographic tokens. The programme is designed for firms whose business model is either based on or can be improved by blockchain. Starta has partnered with Waves’ blockchain platform for this initiative, as well as Singapore-based Cross Coin.

Over in Russia, and according to the RNS Information Agency, Herman Klimenko, advisor to the president of the Russian Federation on Internet Development, has announced the creation of the Russian Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (Rabik).

The new association will bring people using blockchain in the country together – such as miners and investors. Rabik also wants to get talking with regulators on legitimising cryptocurrencies; look at the introduction of blockchain in government and commercial structures; and discuss legislative initiatives in the field of regulation. RNS says the process of creating the association will begin in the next two weeks.

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