According to a study by the International Data Corporation (IDC), investment in cloud computing is expected to grow at over six times the rate of IT spending by 2020. Job meta-search engine Joblift has analyse the state of the UK’s cloud computing job market and found that, in line with the rise in investment, cloud computing vacancies have risen by over 7% on average monthly.

According to Joblift, 40,038 cloud computing vacancies have been posted in the UK since September 2016, with these jobs increasing at a monthly average of 7% – over twice the rate of the UK job market as a whole, which has seen an average monthly increase of around 3%.

In the last 12 months, cloud computing jobs spent an average of just ten days online before being filled. Considering the average duration a job in the entire UK job market stays active for is 15 days, cloud computing positions are filled in a third of the time, Joblift says.

In terms of cloud computing professions, business development managers are the most advertised positions, accounting for 7% of all vacancies with around 2,703 postings. Software engineers are the second most popular requests, with the 2,152 vacancies making up 5% of all advertisements in the last 12 months. In third position, web developers make up 3% of all vacancies with 1,158 postings.

London dominates in terms of the location of cloud computing vacancies – with 41% of all postings in the last 12 months and 16,232 jobs located there. Manchester follows with 1,119 postings, making up 3% of all jobs, followed closely by Birmingham with 2% (821 postings).

Over half of all cloud computing vacancies mentioned data/IT security in some capacity in their job advertisements. In fact, Joblift found that 22,590 jobs or 56% of all vacancies acknowledged the need for proficiency in data/IT security and protection. However, despite this high level of awareness, only 920 cloud computing vacancies mentioned security or protection in the job title, suggesting that just 2% of the positions are solely focused on this.