New core banking tech client in Sudan for Path

New core banking tech client in Sudan for Path

Sudan Financial Services Company (SFSC) has signed to implement the iMAL solution from Path Solutions for its investment activities.

SFSC is state-owned and provides Islamic financial services related to the management and dealing of share allocations owned by the Sudanese government, its corporations and institutions through sukuk (bond) issuance.

Khamis AboAmer, GM of SFSC, says the implementation of iMAL is “an important step towards accelerating operational efficiency and achieving growth targets”.

He also hopes the new platform will help SFSC to “become more customer-centric”.

Path says iMAL will also help the finance company “to eliminate various manual processes, enhance productivity, reduce errors and ensure 24×7 availability”.

Path is already well established in Sudan, with customers including Bank of Khartoum, United Capital Bank, Faisal Islamic Bank, Arab Sudanese Bank, Sudanese Egyptian Bank and Financial Investment Bank (FIBA).