Fintech Outside London ReportReading the UK news you might think fintech innovation only comes from limelight-hogging London, but that isn’t the case. There are obviously other rival global centres of innovation like Berlin or Stockholm, but many other regional UK fintech hubs exist too.

The Fintech outside London report looks at UK fintech firms working outside of the so-called “London bubble”, examining where they are based and why; their history; target markets; clients; tech specialisations and future plans.

It also looks at any concerns these regional UK fintech firms and hubs might have about training, or attracting talent or
publicity away from the UK capital.

Join us on our journey and discover the vibrant regional hubs of UK fintech:

  • The Southwest: Bristol, Bath and Exeter
  • Wales: Cardiff
  • Scotland: Edinburgh and Glasgow
  • The North: Manchester and Leeds

You can access this free online report by providing the details below.