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New product strategy director at Dovetail

Payment systems specialist Dovetail has hired Rossana Salaris as director of product strategy.

RBS offers to automate SEPA migration for corporates


The Royal Bank of Scotland has announced a new product intended to help clients migrate to mandatory SEPA standards. Called the RBS SEPA Accelerator, the product has a feature that allows a corporate implementing the SEPA XML file format to independently initiate, monitor and amend file testing, validation and end-to-end simulation. This ensures that a corporate can self-test its SEPA readiness.

MasterCard: beyond plastic payments

mastercard MWC2013 video

Jorn Lambert, Group Executive, Digital Convergence, MasterCard Worldwide talks to and Banking Technology about the world of payments ‘beyond plastic’, moving into the digital space. Lambert also talks about the blurring of the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds of consumer shopping.

FATCA: joining the KYC dots?


FATCA compliance might not need a separate programme – it ought to be covered by the same approach as AML, RDR and KYC regulations, among others.

Banking on digital solutions to build trust and innovation

Piercarlo Gera is global managing director of Accenture Financial Services

Rising to the challenge of reconnecting with customers, rebuilding trust and renewing the banking experience, banks are starting to explore digital technologies and solutions.

EDI collaborates with Derivative Partners on independent valuation

Reference and corporate actions data specialist Exchange Data International has struck a deal with with Derivative Partners, a provider of risk management and valuation services of structured products, to provide valuations for a range of structured products and complex derivative instruments. The current service covers result sets combining various asset classes including equity, indices, FX […]

The problem of plenty: multiple host systems in banks


Globally, there are many banks operating on multiple host systems, the result of cherry picking the best in class systems of the day to meet different needs or occasionally, merger and acquisition. Consequently, they have ended up with a legacy of disparate host or core systems, usually segmented by lines of business, such as deposits, retail loans, corporate loans, and trade finance.

Heightened banking cyber threats require clear focus

Seth Berman (head  shoulders)

As the US Federal Reserve joins a growing list of financial institutions targeted by cyber criminals, reports of an organised campaign to recruit hackers for a large-scale malware attack, dubbed Project Blitzkrieg, has further highlighted the challenge facing the banking sector.

Inside Eurograbber: the £30m mobile banking heist


In the history of bank robberies, the £30 million stolen by the Eurograbber attack in 2012 ranks as one of the all-time biggest, globally. And when you consider that this sum was stolen from more than 30,000 accounts across 30 banks in four European countries, using malware that affected both PCs and bank customers’ mobile […]

Rule Financial expands team with Knight Capital London ops head

Emily Cates

Consulting and IT specialist Rule Financial has hired Emily Cates as a principal consultant. Based in the London office, Cates joins Rule Financial with over 18 years of experience.