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Lack of data in securities messages creates compliance issues


A lack of information in securities messages creates problems for financial institutions screening them for regulatory compliance. But if the audience in a session yesterday is representative, only around half of them are screening anyway.

Evolution set to drive correspondent banking


Correspondent banking business models will continue as they are but adapt to changes in customer needs rather than replace existing infrastructures with new technologies such as blockchain.

Daily News at Sibos 2015: Day 3


Keeping it real

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Global interoperability of real-time payments systems will require harmonisation of market practices and standards.

Daily news at Sibos 2015: Day 2


ISO 20022: Working in Harmony


Despite celebrating its 10th birthday in 2014 – or perhaps because of it – the number of variations of ISO 20022 being deployed is prompting concerns that it is rapidly becoming less useful as a standard. There is increasing recognition that differences in implementation and market practices could lead to a fragmentation of the standard.

Infrastructures back Swift ISO 20022 harmonisation proposals


Major financial market infrastructures (FMIs) and central banks have thrown their weight behind a Swift initiative to prevent further fragmentation of the ISO 20022 messaging standard as its adoption grows by signing a charter backing principles to harmonise implementations.

The Big Red Dot: a guide to Singapore


A prosperous, clean and safe place to visit, Singapore also offers a wide variety of culinary delights. 

Technology fragmentation imposes testing burden on banks


As banks increasingly digitalise and provide mobile services to user’s mobile devices they face the double-whammy of having to test software that has to run on multiple environments and doing it in an increasingly short time-scales as continuous release development cycles become the norm.

Automating incentives boosts bottom line

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Sometimes the least obvious changes can have a big effect, and very often those changes are in areas that might considered outside the remit of the people best placed to make them. Bank staff remuneration, for instance …