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Roundtable: a world of real-time payments


Call it immediate, instant, fast(er) or real-time, the drive to speed up payments is being discussed in almost every country. As part of that discussion Banking Technology and ACI Worldwide brought together international participants from Australia, Europe, the UK and the US review the opportunities and challenges ahead.

September 2015: corporate Challenges


PULLING TOGETHER Banks are losing corporate business to alternative providers. What can they do to fight back? PREVIEW: SINGAPORE SLINGS AND ARROWS Innotribe takes centre stage at Sibos 2015 – what’s left for the traditionalists? SURVEY: LEGACY REPLACEMENT Multiple overlapping and redundant systems are holding back modernisation ROUNDTABLE: THE INTERNATIONALISATION OF IMMEDIATE PAYMENTS Call them […]

Saxo opens trading platform with advanced API


Saxo Bank is to allow access to its multi-asset trading and back office infrastructure through a new open API that will allow developers and partners to integrate Saxo’s trading functionality into their own applications and systems.

The non-bank bank?  


Saxo Payments isn’t a bank, and the chief executive isn’t a banker. So how does he think he’s that’s going to help shake up international payments?


Looking for the best of all worlds in real-time payments

Swift is expanding its presence in Africa

Central banks need to play a greater role in the provision of infrastructure for low value payments and existing models revised to balance risk and rewards, according to new research published by the Swift Institute.

Payments UK sets out four point focus for ‘world’ class services


The UK payments industry and regulators should focus on four main priorities to ensure the country has a ‘world class’ payments framework, according to Payments UK.

Mobile to take lead in payments over the next five years


Mobile phones will take an increasingly leading role in the payments space over the next five years as a result of technologies that allow safe storage of payment details in smartphones, according to a report prepared by the Consult Hyperion on behalf of Payments UK.

The new face of risk management

Interview Sven

Regulations aimed at transparency across financial markets may be making things simpler for the regulators, but they are making life more complex for banks, according to Sven Ludwig, senior vice president, risk management and analytics EMEA, at SunGard.

Benchmark shows banks overpaying for IT


The eye-watering amounts of money banks spend on technology are legendary – and largely inflated according to research that shows that they are paying far higher margins on significant parts of their budget than other industry sectors .

Huawei partners to push cloud transformation for financial IT


As part of its expansion into IT services, Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has partnered with 11 banking IT solution providers to establish an open platform ecosystem for the finance industry.