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Single Customer View: keeping one eye on the ball

Among the many things that surprised the outside world in the wake of the banking crisis was that banks couldn’t readily say what each customer’s position with them was: details of different accounts were (and are) scattered around different systems, sometimes in different subsidiaries. As banks failed – particularly the Icelandic ones – the public was […]

Swift slammed for not forcing ISO 20022 migration

Swift’s decision not to force migration to the IS0 20022 standard is "a missed opportunity" to simplify standards in the industry that will have "negative consequences", say commentators on the blogging area. Others are more damning, saying that the decision sounds "the death knell for Maxi SEPA" and will "dramatically slow down if not […]

Corridors of power

Jan Verplancke1crop2

Standard Chartered has grown and changed dramatically over the past few years. Jan Verplancke, chief information officer and group head of technology and operations, tells David Bannister about the role of the technology underlying these changes.